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Animal Therapy - Ideas and Tips

Animal Therapy has been reported to reduce depression and anxiety in people living with dementia. However, the responsibility and work of owning your own pet is not always practical. 

Look After a Friend/Family Pet

Take a trip to the Zoo!

A Pet That Doesn't Need looking After

Visit your Local Farm

Looking after a pet full time is a big job and it may no longer be possible. This way you get to look after your friends cat or dog and you can give them back at the end of the day, everyones a winner!

A trip to the Zoo can be an enjoyable day out and you could even invite your family. As well as some animal therapy it  gives you some exercise and gets you out in the fresh air. Our guests love going on excursions where they can see some wildlife and we try and plan a visit on every holiday !

Something a little different from our friends at Unforggetable. One of the main problems of a pet for someone living with dementia is the hard work looking after them. This probelm is taken away by companion pets!

Taking a dog out for a walk is a good way to get some fresh air and exercise and if that isn't possible then just having them around the house can be just as rewarding. If you don't have a friend/family member who has a pet then not to worry there is a fantastic organisation called Borrow My Doggy which does exactly what it says on the tin!

Some Zoo's run handling sessions which can be adpated to your individual needs. Get in contact with them and see if they run dementia friendly sessions. Alternatively the animals can come to you or your dementia group! Follow the Zoolab link to find out more.

We think everyone should experience the benefits of an animals unconditional love and have come up with some simple ways for people to experience the benefits of animal therapy.

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These robotic pets are incredibly life like and even have a mechanism that makes their stomach rise and fall to mimic their breathing. For previous pet owners sitting with a companion pet on your lap can help to clam, soothe and bring lots of smiles. Click the link below to find out more

On our holidays we visit plenty of farms on excursions and our properties in Cotswolds, Edinburgh and Devon are actually located on farms. Our guests love a morning walk to meet the animals.  In the Cotswolds we see goats, donkeys, pigs and even some Al Pacas! Please follow the link to find out more:

Our final suggestion, is to take a trip to your local farm to visit their animals. Depending on the farm they might even let you meet some of the animals!