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Arts and Crafts - 5 Activities

Art and craft activities can be a fantastic way to encourage self-expression in people living with dementia. Activities such as painting and colouring can be extremely calming for people living with dementia and, can lessen anxiety or irritability.

Re-usable Water Painting!

Create/Personalise a Twiddle Muff

Making/Arranging Flowers

Make a Scrap Book

Aquapaint painting is created by Active Minds. This cleverly designed product allows beautiful illustrations to come to life with just one ingredient, water! As if that wasn't enough once it drys out you can use it again and again!

People living with dementia often have very restless hands and like to have something to keep their hands occupied, so both knitting the twiddle muff and using the final product can help. Follow the video guide to get started.

Making paper flowers to brighten up a home and to give to visitors can be a lovely activity for someone living with dementia. With a little help to create a stencil for the petals, use crepe paper to create flowers of any shapes and sizes. Follow the guide below and watch them bloom!

Making a scrap book is also a great activity to do with someone living with dementia to reminisce.

Perfect for creative minds, Aquapaint's simple designs can be enjoyed by people throughout their journey with dementia. Time spent creating these wonderful pictures can help to relax, improve mental well being and increase dexterity in people living with dementia

If knitting isn't something you can do then why not buy a muff and personalise it. You can reminise together and select some items that are special to you and stitch them together into your twiddle muff.

Using an inexpensive notebook, you can cut and stick clippings from favourite magazines, pictures of family and friends, pressed flowers anything you fancy! This can be a great activity to keep adding to and brilliant to share with relatives.

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They can help people living with dementia feel more engaged and productive. Read below for some crafty ideas and products that will help to get the creative juices flowing!

If someone is quite progressed on their journey and making their own paper flowers may be a little too difficult, you can always buy fake flowers and some oasis foam to create your own flower bouquets. Our guests love doing this on holidays and find it therapeutic and very rewarding.

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