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Dementia Gift Guide

This really is a fantastic tool to use with your loved one together as a family. Please follow the link below to be taken to their website where you can find out more information or sign up and create a family profile completely free of charge!

Our first gift idea that we'd love to introduce you to is RemindMeCare or ReMe for short.

Family members or carers can create a profile for the person living with dementia with information regarding their likes/dislikes, memories, family, favourite music and photos, wellbeing etc.

The person living with dementia and their family can take part in activities together through ReMe such as music, film, games, quizzes and physical activities e.g. seated exercises. ReMe comes with ready-made activities but the user also has the choice to create and upload their own activities to personalise the profile to the individual.


Next up on the gift guide are social stirrers.These simple but effective conversation starters are used as an ice breaker on our holidays between guests and staff.


They include a wide range of questions that are sure to get memories flowing as well as the conversation. Inclusive for all and great to be used around the Christmas Dinner Table, see what wonderful memories you can uncover.

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With an abundance of different gift ideas to hopefully aid your loved ones to live well with dementia. The gifts range in price, some of them being completely free! Keep an eye out for unique products, services and exciting events that MindforYou have hand-picked for your enjoyment.


Whether it's for Granny, Brother, Mum or Son, there's sure to be something to appeal to everyone.


Social Stirrers

Aquapaint Sets  

Aquapaint sets are next on our list. Perfect for creative minds, Aquapaint's simple designs allow for them to be enjoyed by people all along their journey with dementia.

This cleverly designed product allows for beautiful illustrations to come to life with just one ingredient, water! Time spent creating these wonderful pictures can help to relax, improve mental well being and also dexterity in people living with dementia.

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We shall be adding more to our Dementia Gift Guide throughout December, HOWEVER if you want to get there first, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to watch the campaign unfold! Click the icons below:

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Indoor Snowballs

Next, we have Indoor Snowballs! These went down an absolute storm on Our Christmas Holidays both this year and last!

Have the best of both worlds with these indoor snowballs. No mess, no breaks and no need to brave the cold! Perfect for throwing and catching exercises, or for having a giggle between family on Christmas Day.

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Unforgettable Music Player & Radio

This has to be one of our favourties, the brilliant Music Player and Radio.

Without stimulation, boredom and becoming withdrawn can be one of the biggest problems for people living with dementia. With the power of music, we hope that this radio can help to allay some of those feelings.

With its large colourful buttons, and customisable control panel, it is perfect for your loved one living with dementia. Also with a USB port installed, personalise the stations to their music tastes using your phone/tablet or the USB stick that is included for free!



We have a simple but effective gift for your loved one living with dementia next- a photo book.

Fill your pages with photos of family, friends, past holidays, pets, the list is endless! Photobook's can be a really powerful reminiscence tool, and a great conversation starter if someone has carers or is in a care home.

Did you know that MindforYou can create photobook's for our guests? A fantastic way to relive your holiday with family and friends.

With the internet nowadays they are so easy and cheap to create! Click the link below to be taken to our preferred site: bonusprint.


Dementia Friendly Patomines & Cinema Screenings

Dementia Friendly Pantomines are a great way for people living with dementia to join in the festivities! Trips to the theatre can be rewarding but quite daunting for a person living with dementia.

However, with a 'relaxed' performance, designed to create a more supportive and easy-going atmosphere, the aim is to reduce any potential anxiety for people with dementia and for others who may benefit.

Browse the internet to find your nearest showing and book tickets now, as they are sure to be sold out very quickly! Our local theatre Nottingham Playhouse have Aladdin, Cinderella and Robin Hood to choose from so go and explore!

Throw & Tell Conversation Ball

The throw and tell conversation ball makes initiating conversation with someone living with dementia easy and fun! Perfect for an ice breaker activity without people even realising.

We love using the Unforgettable conversation ball with our guests on the first evening of our holidays. It’s great to begin getting to know each other.

Each panel on the ball features a different preference, experience or memory trigger that anyone can talk about. These could include a favourite toy they had as a child, a car they used to own or a food they enjoy cooking.

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Up next on our Dementia Gift Guide we have the game we all know and love … tantrix!

Brought along on our holidays and at first neglected at the bottom of the activity box, we found our guests living with dementia really enjoyed playing it.

Piecing together the hexagonal tiles to create the correct loops and lines was a great way for guests to relax, focus and provided a sense of achievement. With it's bright colours and adaptable difficulties, it’s perfect for all.

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