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You are sure to find something that speaks to your passion and interests in one of our Joy Inside Sessions! Our 60 minute digital sessions with 5 other households share stories and knowledge through music, conversation, quizzes and pictures.


Not keen on digtal techonology? Don’t worry, our team is on hand to help you connect to ZOOM video calling. Find details at the bottom of this page.


Bringing Smiles, Laughter And Friendship

Flick through and explore our sessions in our 6 themed electronic books

We're sure you will find some to interest you!

Digital Connection & Support Service  

MindforYou provide FREE connection and ongoing support to your computer, tablet or phone to ZOOM.  We will speak to you on the phone to understand what device you have and be with you every step of the way to so you can connect, learn and become confident using ZOOM.


If you find your mobile or tablet screen is too small, or the sound is too quiet we can help you connect your device to your TV so you can sit and enjoy ZOOMing in the comfort of your living room, just like you enjoy watching your favourite TV show.


Call us on 01590 351008 to get some help or book your initial telephone consultation online



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No commitment and risk free with your first two sessions completely FREE.


Have a look at our time table and call on 01509 351008 to arrange your first sessions

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