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Caring together for people living with dementia 

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MYTime Support 9am - 9pm


Available at the house and on excursions between 9am - 9pm


One experienced dementia MindforYou Support Staff member for every two couples.


MYTime support provides assistance :-

• While having breakfast, lunch or dinner at the house or in the restaurants and cafes we visit

• To prompt and escort people to the toilet at the house or when we are out on excursions

• Every morning after breakfast to promote and provide individualised or group activities for you to  

  do together or separately. For example read the paper, go for a walk by yourself, do a jigsaw or go

  back to bed

• Getting into and out of any transport used on the holiday

• Whilst on our excursions we can provide opportunities for you to explore either together or

  independently and allow you to have more quality time to yourself and enjoy your visit. We can

  identify the best access, accompany people with mobility issues and share with wheelchair pushing


If would prefer your own dedicated experienced member of MindforYou staff to provide one on one support this is avaliable with our Platinum Package.


Provision  of one to one support through our Platinum Option can facilitate the following:-

• More personalised support for people, e.g.  feeding at meal times

• More support for people/couples with complex needs e.g. pushing wheelchair whilst out on every


• More independent time for either the carer or the  person living with dementia e.g  allowing the carer to

  go off for the day by themselves