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Caring together for people living with dementia 

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We pick guests up from their homes in our people carrier/car and our experienced and compassionate staff take you straight to our accommodation, stopping as frequently as you want on the way.




We can book your seats with journey care to ensure your seats are by the toilet, door or close to your luggage.

We will meet you on the platform so you never feel at a loss.

We can provide a travel companion for the whole/part of the  journey.




We can book tickets for you, make airlines aware you are travelling with somebody with dementia

We will meet you at the airport

We can provide a travel companion for the whole/part of the  journey


On our holidays we eliminate stress by organising all your travel

This includes door to door transportation to any transport option


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MindforYou Travel

Travel Tips

Watch the video below to hear people giving tips on how best to travel with a person living with dementia

Other tips and suggestions on travel are avaliable via the Alzheimer's Society as well. Click on the link below to access these: