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Bathroom and Toilets

Good design of your bathroom is vital to maintaining indepedence with washing and dressing. It is also important for your loved one's recognition of the toilet, particuarly during the night. Try some of the ideas below in your bathrooms at home:

Install grab rails in your shower, beside your toilet or on the walls next to your bath. This can help a person to feel more secure when getting out and providing extra support when washing. Click the button below to be taken to a page where you can buy the reusable suction grab rails we use on our holidays.

Install a toilet seat that contrasts in colour and relflectance to the toilet and other surrounding furnishings. This will make it easier for the person living with dementia to guide them to the toilet.

Grab Rails

Have one mirror placed in the bathroom so someone can perfrom daily personal care and grooming tasks. However have the mirror installed with the capability so that it can be covered, as this later on down the line can cause confusion and distress if the person does not recognise themselves anymore.

Maybe try using a bathroom door that has a different colour to the other doors in your house, this should help with the identification of the toilet. Also try positioning seating and your bed somewhere that has a view to the toilet to reduce confusion and again aid someone to find the toilet more easily. Supplement both of the above ideas with signage and images to further help to identify the toilet.

toilet seat bath toilet

Try reading the below guide written by AKW, the accessible bathroom, toilet and kitchen specialists. Inside it highlights some other ideas you can maybe try in your bathroom and browse some of their products that may also benefit your loved one

AKW Dementia Bathroom Guide FIND Signs