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Cooking & Baking - 5 Activities and Recipes

Baking and cooking can be a great activity for people living with dementia. Often the advice is to unplug the cooker, however cooking together can provide many benefits. It can increase socialization, engage the senses, revoke happy memories and can reinstall someone’s interest in food, meaning appetites can sometimes increase also. Click below to find some easy recipes and activities so you and your loved one can cook up a storm!

Dementia Friendly Cooking and Baking

Get Taste Buds Tingling with a Food Tasting Quiz

Remenise About Cooking

Other tasks to get involved!

Get Creative and Make a Mess!

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Planning ahead is extremely important when baking/cooking with someone living with dementia. Using simplified recipes, make the steps much easier to follow, and allow for more independence.

Chocolate Tiffin Pesto Palmiers Lemon Drizzle Cake Peanut Butter Cookies Tasty Veggie Soup

Do a food tasting quiz, pick distinctive foods that might take them back to younger years, hiding them under tea towels or using blind folds, see how many they can get right!

Try looking through some old recipe books together. Discover someones life story through their connection to food .

Helping with any other tasks related to cooking and meal times can be great for someone living with dementia to feel involved.

Decorating cakes/biscuits or pizzas can also be a creative way to get into the kitchen. Buy shop bought cupcakes or pizza bases along with icing/toppings and allow completely free reign on whatever designs or ideas come into their head.

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A person living with dementia can get involved with easier tasks if necessary, e.g. peeling vegetables, whisking eggs, greasing tins. Great recipes to cook can be soups, all in one cake recipes, omelettes the list goes on. Below linked are some easy recipes for you to try:

Try a taste test of different childhood sweets or chocolate bars, a selection of fruits, or different drinks!

For example; what they ate as a child, unpleasant school meals, dishes they've had abroad, maybe even look to cook a family favourite to provide real reminiscence

Activities such as setting the table, or creating beautiful folded napkins, something we've found our guests love doing on our holidays. Some of our guests even enjoy washing up! It's something that can be very therapeutic and can provide a sense of calm and satisfaction.

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