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Dementia Design in your Home

‘Environmental or behavioral techniques should be used as a first line treatment (for dementia) rather than beginning with pharmacological interventions’

                                                VAN HOOF 2010

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Click to download the Alzheimer's Society Guide on how to make your house more dementia friendly. Full of more ideas that can hopefully benefit yourself and loved one living with dementia.

Alzheimer's Society Guide

When Carol started MindforYou one of the first things she did was to complete a course on Dementia Design at the Dementia Services Devlopment Centre at Stirling University. Carol wanted to ensure MindforYou selected the most dementia friendly properties for their supported holidays. Emma's recent attendance at the opening of  Loughborough Universities 'Chris and Sally's Dementia House' reminded us of the past and current knoweldge MindforYou have accumulated on Dementia Design. So,  we have decided to share some of the key points we find particularly useful.  We hope that you can use some of these ideas in your homes to make living at home easier for you loved ones with dementia.

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