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Furniture is probably one of the easiest modifications you can make in your home, however it can  make a real diffrence. Try some of the suggestions below:

Make sure furniture is robust, supportive and stable. This means it won't topple or fall if  it needs to bear someones weight, and can be used as an aid when getting up.

Make sure your chairs are easy to see. Have chairs that are traditional and easy to identify. Make sure they are visually contrasting but not too bright or heavily patterened.

Tables should aim to have contrast coloured edges aiding their visibility. If possible  table should also have rounded corners to reduce the risk of falls or collisions.

Unforgettable specialise in products that benefit people living with dementia and their carers. Click the link below and take a look at the 'Your Home'  section to discover adapted furniture and equipment that may prove useful.

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Dressing can become increasingly more difficult for people living with dementia. To help, think about purchasing a wardrobe with a glass front door, so people can easily see their clothes. Avoid any wardrobes with mirrors or reflective glazing and make sure handles are easy to see and use.

These types of cupboards are also really useful in the kitchen.

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