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Friends of MindforYou

MindforYou work hard to create and maintain relationships with companies that we believe will be beneficial to our holidays and our guests. Scroll down to review the range of different organisations that can provide you with help across the board, from assistive technology, to trusted care companies and other supported holiday providers.

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Established in 2009, The Good Care Group is a national provider of professional, multi-award winning 24 hour live-in care services allowing people to continue to live safely and happily in their own home, maintaining dignity and independence, with tailored support as required. They are rated “outstanding” by the CQC.


Care Services provided include:

  • Elderly Frail Care

  • Companion Care

  • Dementia Care

  • Parkinsons Care

  • MS Care

  • Stroke Recovery Care

  • Palliative/End of life care


Care is available as a ongoing or respite service. Respite is available for a period of 2 weeks or more.


Benefits of Live-in Care:

  • Live life the way you choose with independence

  • One-to-one, dedicated care – not achieved in a care home

  • Consistency and familiarity – critical for those living with dementia

  • Maintain lifestyle and interests

  • Couples can stay together as loving partners

  • Cost comparable solution to residential care

  • Maintain assets/capital appreciation

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Good Care Group

Alzheimer's Society

Driving Miss Daisy

Tourism for All


Alzheimer Scotland

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Active Minds

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Fish Insurance

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Find Memory Care

Driving Miss Daisy provides a safe, friendly and reliable driving and companion service for people unable or not wishing to drive.


They cater for wheelchairs and walkers and always offer a supporting arm if required. Driving Miss Daisy is a pre-booked service and is ideal transportation to and from your holiday. Their drivers regularly take people to sea ports, airports and coach pick-up points, as well as hotels and holiday destinations and days out.


An area they specialise in is the transport and companionship for people living with dementia. Their liveried cars are bright blue with their contrasting daisy logo on; this aids in familiarisation and recognising our cars and drivers (who are uniformed) and reducing anxiety as a result. All of their drivers are Dementia Friends and have received training in understanding some of the challenges individuals with dementia live with, and to accommodate these in the services we provide.


Driving Miss Daisy is licensed with the local authorities and all drivers are licensed Private-Hire drivers; DBS-checked, first-aid trained, Dementia Friends and uniformed. We provide a door-to-door service; picking you up from your door, stopping for comfort breaks as required delivering you to where you need to be; on-time and relaxed!


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Tel - 0333 014 6211

The Alzheimers Society, is the UK's leading Dementia Charity. With over 230 local branches to help support people living with dementia and their carers, to live well with dementia. The Alzheimers Society also continue to promote important research around the 'casues and cures' of dementia. Their website provides useful informative guides for carers, professionals and family members who are being affected by dementia.


MindforYou is also mentioned on their 'Holiday and Travelling' resource page. Here you will find guides on how best to travel with someone living with dementia, and a comprehensive directory of the different supoorted holiday companies that could benefit you.


Holiday and Travelling - Other Resource


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If you're looking for travel tips, then please don't forget to look at MindforYou's own Travel Advice page as well by clicking the button below.

'Meaningful Acitvity, Mindfully Designed'


Since 2010 Active Minds have been researching and developing activities to improve the quality of life for people living with dementia. Their mission is and will continue to be, to create positive, mindfully designed, human-centred activity products and games to help people lead active lives.


MindforYou uses many of Active Minds activities and games on our holidays. Our firm favourites have to be their animal bingos and their re-usable Aqua Paints. We find quality stimulation for our guests while they are in the house is invaluable to the enjoyment of their holiday.


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Find Memory Care is established as the leading creator of environments for Dementia care facilities, designing, developing and manufacturing memory care products to assist those living with Dementia, benefiting users throughout the UK, Europe the United States and beyond. Find products are created for all care settings where cognition, vision and dexterity are issues, transforming environments for a better quality of life for those living with Dementia.


MindforYou uses Find's re-usable signage on ALL of our holidays. Their clear messaging allows for our guests living with dementia to navigate their way around our holiday properties independently, without anxiety. Knowing for example which bedroom is there's, or identifying where the nearest toilet is.


We have also found their activites great fun and inclusive for all. The 'throw and tell' activity ball is a firm favourite amongst guests, and for those living with dementia their large piece puzzles prove a hit.


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Travel Advice Page

Toursim for All are a chairty with the aim to help people with any disability, plan the perfect holiday for them.  With 19% of the population living with a disability, Toursim for All play a vital part in signposting to appropriate trusted organisations, and have since become the voice in accesible tourism and travel since 1991.


TFA is a charity that have a very similar ethos to ours, in believing that everyone deserves the right to holiday, the chance to be looked after with attentive support, and acheive rest and relaxation.


'Few areas are more important, or valued, than Tourism and Travel - which restore our energies, broaden our minds and serve our deepest human instincts to explore new places and to enjoy and share new experiences.'


Take a look at their fantatsic directory, full to bursting with organisations that may prove useful to you. See if you can spot MindforYou in there as well.


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A relaxing start to the holidays Lending an arm On holiday

Fish Insurance are MindforYou's top recommnedation for holiday insurance.  For forty years, Fish Insurance have been providing specialist insurance in the UK , to those with pre-existing medical conditions, mobility issues and disabilities.  Today they're proud to be trusted with looking after over 80,000 insurance policies, making us one of the UK’s biggest disability and independent living insurance providers.


Every policy they offer has been specifically designed to meet the unique and specific requirements of our guests. They have been able to grant full refunds to cancellations and provide a very competitive price, compared to other companies in the market.


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Tel - 0333 331 3770

Unforgettable are a company dedicated to making living with dementia easier and more enjoyable through their huge range of productas and services. Unforgettable can help on every step of the journey with practical advice, specialised products and a supportive community.


Known as the world’s best marketplace of products and services for dementia and memory loss. They are making it easier for carers to discover products that really help and for product and service providers to reach carers at home.


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Alzheimer Scotland is the leading dementia organisation in Scotland. They campaign for the rights of people with dementia and their families and provide an extensive range of innovative and personalised support services.


Alzheimer Scotland provides a wide range of specialist services for people with dementia and their carers. They offer personalised support services, community activities, information and advice, at every stage of the dementia journey.


"We aim to engage and connect with everyone who has a stake in what we do; to provide support and information, raise funds, support research, to campaign for and promote the rights of people with dementia and for those who care for them.


"Together we can be the leading force for change. Together we can make sure nobody faces dementia alone."


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RemindMe care(ReMe)

ReMe is the world’s only ‘Activity Based’ care software (not care planning); that’s coming out of evidence-based trials in Kingston Hospital to be validated as a Digi therapeutic, and which will be included in the GP EMIS and NHS digital libraries. It has the digital cognitive stimulation therapy and search based reminiscence tools that enable bespoke acute dementia care management, with the aim of reducing medication by really knowing the person.


ReMe may seem complicated courtesy of the breadth of available functionality, but has been built so that adoption is easy, training simple and hardware purchases minimal. Think Facebook or LinkedIn for the care sector. ReMe is used by Latvian carers, 8-year-old grandkids, and 80-year-olds with capacity. ReMe’s as complex as you want it to be, with a lot under the bonnet.


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