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Travelling with Dementia


At MindforYou we understand that sometimes travelling with someone living with dementia can be challenging, however not impossible. We have tried to include some helpful tips and advice below on how to reduce stress and anxiety when travelling with someone living with dementia.

Alzheimers Association Travel Guide

The government are trying to make blue badges more readily available for people living with dementia and other 'hidden illnesses'. Click the link button below to read the article to hear more about the possibility of gaining a blue badge for yourself in the future.


Blue Badge Article

Watch the video created by The Scottish Working Group giving tips and advice on how to travel best with dementia by air, train, bus, taxi and car.


In this video find links to obtaining a disabled persons railcard, how to gain access to free bus fares and how to make public transport work for you.

Take a look at this inclusive guide created by the Alzheimers Association that breaks down into sizeable chunks how to plan your journey more easily. Reduce anxiety when travelling by train, plane or car with someone living with dementia. Also read to see how the Association recommends travelling independently when living with dementia.

Browse this easy to follow leaflet created by Alzheimers Scotland, created to raise awareness to the public and to aid people living with dementia and their families with travelling. Here gain access to the Alz Scotland 24 hour helpline and their really helpful travel card,  use to help

other people understand what they can do to help. You can show this to transport staff as well as in shops etc.

Dementia Friendly Public Transport Alz Scot Travel Leaflet

Hit play on this video created by British Transport Police on how they are improving train stations and training their staff for people living with dementia.


See how train station staff can help with navigating the station, boarding trains and making connections. Also included is more in depth information about journey care and how to arrange when booking your tickets.

Transport for London provides travel assistance as well as these really useful Travel Cards. Click the button to download and print at home.

London Travel Cards transport london

First Bus have created 'safe journey cards' printed with different messages dependent on your disability. They can be given to a driver to make them aware of your disability so they can best support you.

Click on the button below to download the cards with a variety of messages and choose which one best suits you.

First Bus Cards

We know that sometimes its not the travelling thats the most difficult part but getting into and out of the vehicle. Click the button to be directed to the Dementia Carer website where, if you select the 'Driving' button, you can watch a video on the most useful aids that a carer has found for her Husband with helping him to get in and out of their car.


Aids such as the car cane, swivel seat and others are mentioned.

Dementia Carer Website

Read from Paul Maynard, of the British Government, who outlines how transport is improving for people with dementia at the Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Friendly Transport Conference.

See how the government are making buses more dementia friendly by having audible and visual prompts for stops.