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Your Thoughts and Feedback

We pride ourselves on providing a high quality holiday experience for our guests but don't take our word for it. Take the time to read through the testimonials below from some of our previous guests.

From the beginning your friendly phone calls, and your visit, all went towards allaying my fears that this holiday would not work for us. Your attention to every aspect and detail of the holiday was amazing.

The itinerary and menus were just right and I cannot praise the staff enough. Their care, thoughtfulness, kindness, understanding and friendliness made the holiday so special.

We had such fun to – it felt as if we were on holiday with good friends. It was so very good to be able to relax and chat and not have to be ‘on guard’ all the time.

ann and mike (1)

I do want  to thank you once more for making mine & Mike’s holiday so great. It was so good for Mike to be so stimulated and it did refresh me having the support. Thank you for all the ‘free from’ goodies which we are still using.

I have seen an amazing transformation in Mike's behaviour and he seemed to enjoy our families company for the week after the holiday, which is something that hasn’t happened in a long time.  


Thank you, thank you, thank you for the lovely holiday we have just had with MindforYou to Dawlish. Terrific itinerary – places some of us had not been to before. The staff were full of experience to make the holiday a real break for us as carers.

We had a delightful ‘door to door’ journey with Jackie. Plenty of laughter and conversation.

The meals were excellent, and as a carer, I would totally recommend friends to get your brochure.

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Press play and see what a MindforYou Holiday is really like. Packed full of smiles and laughter we hope this video captures the relaxed atmosphere and enjoyment that our guests experience while they are on holiday with us.  

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Would you like to hear from one of our guests first hand? Give us a call on 01509 351008 and we can put you in touch with guests who would be happy to answer your questions

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